Tim Robinson is a land surveyor by profession, and the Owner and Point Man of Three Uncles Publishing.

Dr. Dave Robinson is a professor, a non-profit Director, brother to Tim, and serves as Editorial Director.

Dr. Andre Stephens is a university Vice President, brother-in-law to Dave and Tim, and serves as Advisor.

"My desire to create led me to compose poetry.  Writing poetry led me to publish a book.  Publishing a book gave me a taste for publishing itself.

Then I discovered that an old friend designs books, and I found other friends who write poetry, fiction, fables and essays.  These discoveries led me to:

Three Uncles Publishing

I want people to tell their stories -- to write their adventures and to share them with nieces, nephews, neighbors and friends.

Written words can be a legacy -- passed down for generations.

Three Uncles Publishing connects people through quality written works, beautifully produced."

~  Tim Robinson, 2018